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AMAL Major Bunsen Burner - LPG

Part Number: 122/6001

Description: AMAL Major Bunsen Burner - LPG

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Details for AMAL Major Bunsen Burner - LPG

With a heavy base for good stability, dull chrome-finished burner tube, this bunsen burner is ideally suited to the majority of laboratory uses. The air inlet holes are sized to give optimum proportion of air to gas  and aeration is non adjustable. Compared to the Minor, this is fitted with a larger burner tube and head to approximately double the heat output.

Flame pattern - The circular burner plate forming the top of the burner tube is made from multi-perforated chromium plated steel. The resulting flame pattern consists of a mass of small perfectly aerated cones within an overall flame envelope and the perforated plate helps to prevent flash-back down the burner tube at low gas settings.

Jets and flame control - The Major bunsen burner for use with natural gas or LPG (butane, propane etc) is fitted with a fixed jet accurately calibrated to give the optimum air-to-gas mixture for the gas in question. Each burner is also supplied with three alternative jets to take care of any local variations from the normal in either gas pressure or composition. Flame adjustment for the Major bunsen burner for natural and LPG gases is by means of the laboratory bench tap.

Insulated Handle - The Amal Major is fitted with a handle which remains permanently cool, enabling the burner to move about on the laboratory bench with complete ease and safety.