Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i identify what carburettor i have?

A: Most Amal carburettors are stamped up with a specification number before they leave the factory. For Pre-monobloc's & Monobloc's this will be stamped on the top of the flange. For MKI and MKII carburettors this will be located on the side of the carburettor body.

Q: What is the advantage of a Premier Carb over a standard MK1 Concentric?

A: The 600 & 900 series MKI Concentric carburettors for four and two stroke applications has been re-designed to improve performance and wear.

The new carburettor incorporates changes in materials which reduces the rate of slide and body wear and a precision engineered idle circuit. This improves the pick-up performance from idle and reduces fuel consumption. The precision manufactured forged alloy, Hard Anodised Throttle Slide has a low friction surface for smoother operation and greater wear resistance. The ethanol resistant, puncture proof StayUp® Float and Viton tipped alloy Needle Valve improve control of the fuel flow.

 A new easily removable Pilot Jet provides precise metering of the idle circuit. The Jet, which is located in the opposite position to the Pilot Air Screw, is manufactured to tight tolerances allowing it to be replaced with minimum disruption to the adjustment of the carburetter. Initially the size of the jet replicates the 622/107 Pilot Bush. Removal of the Jet allows access to the rest of the idle circuit for servicing.

 The Premier Pilot Jet cannot be fitted to earlier versions of the Mk1 Concentric©. This range is available in 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, & 32mm bore sizes and with right or left hand pilot/idle adjustment. The carburetters can be ordered by adding “Prem” to an existing specification number.

Q: Needle Clip position, top down or bottom up?

A: Something that crops up all the time is whether you count the needle clip slot from the top down or bottom up. With all Amal carburettors the clip position is top down.

Q: Are your parts suitable for modern fuel?

A: Yes all Amal products are suitable for use with modern fuel.

Q: Are left hand 689 Monobloc's available?

A: 689 Monobloc's are no longer manufactured. Due to the limited range of bikes these were fitted to the demand is not there to re-introduce the 689.

Q: Do you restore Amal Carburettors?

A: We do not offer restoration for Amal carburettors as the cost including labour outweighs the cost of buying a new carburettor.

Q: I am within the motorcycle trade how can i order & how can i get trade discount on your products?

A: If you are with the motorcycle trade and wish to buy parts from us please email us at: Our website is currently setup for retail use and will not discount products for trade customers.