Our colleagues at Andover Norton, a stone’s throw from us up the road in Andover have recently put a pair of Commando’s fitted with Amal Premier carbureters on a dyno. The graphs are showing very good results with the carbs fitted as they came out of the box. They show a very consistent air/fuel ratio from where the data starts all the way up to maximum revs, this is really good to see and shows the consistency of our product.

 This data should go some way to disprove the rumoured suggestions that the premiers run lean. Bike spec’s tested;  

 Blue line bike 850 MK3 1976 has a Fullauto Cylinder head with standard valves, standard pistons at first oversize, experimental cam.  Premiers are Pack 136

 Red line bike is late 750 fitted with Pack 112 carbs, standard cylinder head, cam and valves

 Both bikes were using standard exhaust and silencers.

 Dyno test was carried out at – Dyno Tech https://www.dynotech-performance.co.uk/